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Getting To Know … The Cast and Crew of Lend Me A Tenor!

LendMeATenor_SQ_CLRThe Waukesha Civic Theatre’s production of Lend Me A Tenor is fast approaching, and the cast and crew want to give you (yes, you!) the opportunity to learn a little more about them.


What is your favorite play? 

Julie Rowley (Maria): Favorite Musical that I’ve been in:  Sweet Charity, Favorite Play that I’ve been in:  Man Who Came to Dinner, Favorite Play I’ve been to: Six Degrees of Separation.

Joan End (Julia): Les Miserables. Have seen it at least 7 times. Love the story and the music. Not crazy about the movie. Favorite play I saw this year to date- Master Class at the Chamber Theatre. Angela Iannone portrayed Maria Callas. Outstanding!

Tanya Tranberg (Diana): The Glass Menagerie

Scott Fudali (Bellhop): My favorite play is actually Lend Me A Tenor. This makes the 4th time I have been involved in a production of it. My favorite type of shows to work on are typically mysteries/who done it and farces. I believe if I’m going to be involved in a production I want to have as much fun doing it as I can.

Phil Stepanski  (Max): Little Shop of Horrors

Brian D. Zelinski (Director): Whatever one I happen to be working on at that time. Truly can’t say I have a favorite, if someone put a gun to my head and I had to answer I guess I would then say Twelve Angry Men. But only if it was a big gun and I saw that it was indeed loaded.


What is your favorite food?

Phil Stepanski (Max): Barbecued Ribs.

Scott Fudali (Bellhop): Just about anything Italian is good with me.

Julie Rowley (Maria):  Italian of course!  Pumpkin Ravioli with a lobster cream sauce – YUM!  I love all types of foods from Ethiopian to Thai to Italian to Mexican to Hungarian to German to Norwegian.

Brian D. Zelinski (Director): Whatever food I happen to be….no, no, no, sorry. “Prime Rib” which I am not allowed to eat much anymore according to my doctor. I don’t care for my doctor much these days !

Joan End (Julia): Anything chocolate!

Tanya Tranberg (Diana): Lobster Macaroni and Cheese


What is your favorite color?

Joan End (Julia): Yellow

Scott Fudali (Bellhop): Maroon

Brian D. Zelinski (Director): Black with Red and white trim.

Phil Stepanski (Max): Green

Tanya Tranberg (Diana): Purple

Julie Rowley (Maria): Royal Blue with Red a hot second.


What other WCT productions have you been involved with?

Allison Chicorel (Maggie): My first time performing at WCT was during High School Musical in 2007. Since then I’ve been seen on the WCT stage in I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, Bye Bye Birdie, 42nd Street, The Tavern, An Inspector Calls, Putnam County Spelling Bee, and Perfect Wedding. I’ve also appeared in the WCT Valentine’s Day Show in 2013 and 2014, as well as two 1950s themed variety shows, that were written by Lend Me A Tenor cast mate, Tony Davis, and performed at WCT.

Brian D. Zelinski (Director): Over the River and Through the Woods, The Foreigner, The Cemetery Club, Over the Tavern, A Tiny Miracle with a Fiberoptic Unicorn, Life with Father, Lost in Yonkers, Miracle on 34th Street, and Rumors. This is my 10th show here I believe.
Julie Rowley (Maria): This is my first! I’m excited to be back on stage after a too long of a break.
Tanya Tranberg (Diana): Perfect Wedding

Scott Fudali (Bellhop): At WCT, I have only been in Don’t Dress for Dinner. Backstage activities at WCT have included numerous lighting designs and sound designs for a number of shows since my first lighting design for Music Man back in 2006.

Phil Stepanski (Max): Smoke on the Mountain – Stanley, The Tavern – Willum, Miss Saigon – Chris, Noises Off – Garry

Joan End (Julia): Cemetery Club– Lucille (very favorite role of mine to date.) directed by Brian Zelinski, Tiny Miracle with a Fiberoptic Unicorn– Grandma Skolowski directed by Brian Zelinski

What is your favorite joke, scene, or moment from Lend Me A Tenor?

Scott Fudali (Bellhop): There are so many hysterical moments in this show, but my two favorites are the door slammings between Max/Maggie/Bellhop as the Bellhop is trying to put the luggage away in Act I and Maggie is hiding in the closet and later in Act I when Julia walks in and asks Saunders how she looks. He looks at her, pauses and answers “Like the Chrysler Building.”

Julie Rowley (Maria): The comfort of the relationship between Tito and Maria. It appears at first glance to be irreconcilable, but they love and depend on each other and need each other. My favorite scene is when they have fought and Tito approached Maria on the bed and shares a tender moment, which is immediately overtaken by Maria’s jealousy, at which time she throws a fit. It’s so irrational and yet so relatable. I think at times I wish I was as boisterous as Maria to just get it all out there on the table and be able to know this person will be there for you after you let yourself go.

Brian D. Zelinski (Director):   Saunders telling the Bellhop to shutup when he enters the room singing.

Tanya Tranberg (Diana):  I love Tito and Mario’s relationship.

Phil Stepanski (Max): There are so many great moments. My favorites to act in are when Max gets a singing lesson from Tito. And of course the curtain call. I think the Tito and Maria scenes are fantastic as well.

Allison Chicorel (Maggie): I have a lot of favorite lines that come to mind but listing any of them would ruin it for anyone who might read this and then see the show! But I really love the scenes with Max (played by Phil Stepanski) and Saunders (played by ) Their one-on-one scenes have had me cracking up since day one of rehearsals. They both fit the personalities and characteristics of their characters SO perfectly. They play off each other really well and it makes for hilarious entertainment during their scenes.

Joan End (Julia): I love watching Maria and Tito fight!


Why should everyone come to see this production of Lend Me A Tenor?

Scott Fudali (Bellhop): The public should come see Lend Me A Tenor because it is the perfect recipe for a farce, is fast paced, and is still as funny today as when it first opened on Broadway in 1989.

Tanya Tranberg (Diana): We have a high energy, talented cast. It will be a good laugh.

Julie Rowley (Maria):  To escape into the world of farce with mistaken identities, unrequited love, madness and a happy ending.  More of what we need today J.  Perhaps you’ll leave the theatre with more than a laugh or two under your belt as well.  Very funny show and very talented cast.

Phil Stepanski (Max): The cast is superb. The script is hilarious. When you put those two things together the end result is a fantastic evening at the theater full of non-stop laughs.

Joan End (Julia): This show is a delightful farce that will entertain and fill the audience with a laughter! Just fun!

Allison Chicorel (Maggie):  Because it’s a farce!  It’s so light-hearted and goofy!

Brian D. Zelinski (Director):   It is one of the funniest scripts I have ever worked with and this is a tremendously talented cast.  Excuse me, but if you come you will laugh your heads off and I challenge you to be able to tell me where and when you watched a funnier theatre production.  I guess there might be something that has been produced out there that is as funny, I just have not seen it yet!!
Lend Me A Tenor opens Friday, Oct. 24th at 7:30 p.m. and runs through Sunday, November 9th at 2:00 p.m. For more information or to purchase tickets, please check out our website or call the box office at (262) 547-0708. See you at the theatre!