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A Hidden Gem: Don’t Miss Our 60th Season!

We are celebrating our DIAMOND anniversary with our historic 60th season! WCT is a performing arts gem, with nearly 100 different enriching, entertaining, and challenging artistic offerings throughout the year. We join an elite class of community theatres that have been open continuously for 60 years, bringing you everything from our EMERALD city to our PEARLS of wisdom. SA-PPHIRE up those engines and come GARNET your tickets today!

Use this calendar at home, at work, or at play. We OP-AL (Get it? “hope you’ll” We’re so punny!) join us for everything we have to offer!

Our pricing is structured to entice you to become a subscriber. If you commit us, we will commit to you! No matter which of our four packages RU-BuY, as a WCT subscriber you will receive incredible benefits, including no charge for ticket exchanges, subscriber discount prices for any additional tickets for any show (a 20% to 32% savings!), and the return of our Subscriber Benefits Card, giving our subscribers discounted offers at downtown restaurants. If you use this card throughout the season, you could save as much money as you spend on your subscription package! PERI-DOnT miss out on these savings!

AM-E-THYST season, we are offering a subscription upgrade! Increase your subscription (number of packages or size of package) and receive a $5 discount on your subscription sale. This offer will expire on June 30th, 2016.

Purchase your concessions in advance and save with our Concession Bundles! We have two tiers to choose from:

Sensational Cookies & Cocoa Vouchers for 7 non-alcoholic beverages & 7 food items – $18 (a $3 discount!)
Sensational Beer & Broadway Vouchers for 7 alcoholic beverages – $30 (a $5 discount!)
Sensational Wine & Dine Vouchers for 7 alcoholic beverages & 7 food items – $35 (a $7 discount!)
Fabulous Cookies & Cocoa Vouchers for 4 non-alcoholic beverages & 4 food items – $10 (a $2 discount!)
Fabulous Beer & Broadway Vouchers for 4 alcoholic beverages – $17 (a $3 discount!)
Fabulous Wine & Dine Vouchers for 4 alcoholic beverages & 4 food items – $20 (a $5 discount!)

Reserve your seats now to be challenged, enriched, and entertained at WCT, Waukesha’s first choice for quality live entertainment. For putting up with our puns, you can use the code TURQUOISE to receive $3 off any Mainstage ticket all year! You won’t want TO-PAZ this offer up!

See you at the Theatre!

Cramer John 2006John Cramer

Managing AQUAMARINE Director