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The Joy Of Live Theatre

It is hard to believe that our 57th season is already half over. We have had so many fantastic shows and events already this season and the second half is shaping up to be just as magnificent as the first half. Our upcoming show, Perfect Wedding, and the rest of this season is sure to entertain and amaze.

Like many of you, I love most forms of entertainment. Movies, television shows, and even video games are excellent ways to pass the time. But without a doubt, live theatre holds a special place in my heart.  For me, it is the ultimate personal experience. When you go to a show, the members of the audience are the only people who will ever get to see that show with that cast in the exact same manner as it is performed. The actors and production staff endeavor to make every performance as similar as possible but in reality there will be a missed cue, a longer that normal pause, an unexpected audience reaction, or an especially funny line that will make that performance unique; never to be seen again. What a special honor it is to receive something like that for the mere price of a ticket.

We need your help to share the joy of live theatre with the world. Please tell your friends and neighbors about the performances at Waukesha Civic Theatre. Encourage them to come and experience live theatre for themselves.  Better yet, come see our shows and bring your friends with you. Afterwards, you can visit one of the outstanding Waukesha-area restaurants and discuss what you liked about the show.

Kurt Magoon
Past President, Board of Directors