Waukesha State Bank Art Gallery Presents: Fine Art Montage

Fine Art Montage is a group of local artists, including Janet Hudachek, Maddy Sherman, Chris Sommerfelt, Christine Thomsen, and Katherine Thomsen. You can see more of their work on their website: http://www.fineartmontage.com


Janet Hudachek Biography  

Organization affiliations:

Founder of “Fine Art Montage”

Former President of “The Art Guild of Menomonee Falls”

Member of League of Milwaukee Artists

Member of Wauwatosa Artists Workshop

Member of MARN



Many art related classes – enhance by peer critiques:

Wax pastel – Sharon Lynn Wilson

Oil painting – WCTI

Acrylic – WCTI

Layton School of art – several classes

Brookfield Art Guild – Paint and evaluation sessions.

Color Pencil – Kristy Kutch




  • General Electric Employees art show – 2nd Place
  • MARN – “Beyond the Canvas” Award for “Domiciliary”
  • League of Milwaukee Artists for “Amethyst Emeralds Topaz and Marble”
  • “Off the Beaten Path” Award and Published in the Richeson 75 Landscape show book.
  • Selected for the  WOW “Women of Wisconsin Women of Wisconsin ” show at Alverno College
  • League of Milwaukee Artists Award for “Marbles and Stones”
  • “Peek a Boo Blue” and “Marbles and Stones” Published in the Richeson 75 Still Life/Floral show book.
  • “Off the Beaten Path” Blue Ribbon for the Wauwatosa Work Shop “Tosa Library Show”
  • “Different Perspectives” award at the Plymouth, Wi “Alive in the Arts “ show.



  • Hidden River Gallery Show Case 2014
  • Bridgetown Gallery Wauwatosa, Wi 2014
  • League of Milwaukee Artists Multiple shows 2014
  • Wauwatosa Artists Workshop   Multiple shows 2014
  • Anderson Gallery, Kenosha 2014
  • Lemon Street Gallery 2014


  • LMA Grafton Arts Mill Gallery
  • WAW Grafton Arts Mill Gallery
  • Pyramax Bank
  • Lemon Street Gallery
  • Lemon Street Gallery Solo Show
  • Lemon Street Gallery
  • Boerner Botanical Gardens solo
  • League of Milwaukee Artists Grafton Art Show
  • Boerner Botanical “ Art in the Garden”
  • Hidden River Gallery Show Case
  • Menomoee Falls “Art in the Park”
  • League of Milwaukee Artists show at St. Johns
  • Alverno College “Women of Wisconsin” show2016
  • Tosa Library Show
  • Alive in the Arts Plymouth Wi
  • Art on the Walk
  • Grafton Arts Mill with Montage
  • Waukesha Civic Theatre


  • Almont Gallery – Waukesha 2012
  • Art Gallery of the Guild – Menomonee Falls 2012-2013
  • Purlon Studio– Menomonee Falls 2014 – mid 2015
  • Lemon Street Gallery  2014 – present
  • Fine Art Montage virtual gallery 2013 – 2014

janet-hudachek-3Janet Hudachek Artist Statement

Whether you are the artist or the art viewer the attraction to a single piece is your own personal connection to that piece, a memory, a dream, a thought. I may be inspired by a palette of colors that touches my senses or a visual that invokes a memory, or just a pleasing combination of the two that I want to share. Inspiration may be just the challenge of being able to reproduce the feeling of a visual that I have encountered. There are so many inspirations if you learn to look for them in nature and in manmade structures.

One thinks of artwork as a static object, but really it has a personality. It may be one thing in day light, another at dusk, and different in artificial light. Photograph it and find lines and hues you didn’t see before. View that photo on a video screen for another array of hues depending on your vantage point.

I have been painting nature subjects, ornamental vegetation, and landscapes for a long time.  However, lately I have become inspired by divergent art, which is more of a fantasy illusion art, by the 3 dimensional illusions of Frank Lloyd Wright’s blueprints.  It is a challenge; abstract art is much more difficult to do as you have nothing to work from but your imagination.  My new pieces are fascinating to look at and actually move as you look at them.

I work mostly work in Inktense pencil and Caran d’ache wax pastels both water soluble and sometimes oil. I enjoy drawing, even when I paint, I draw with the brush.

I am mostly inspired by composition and color, however, in the divergent art is experimenting with the ability to make the artwork move before your eyes.

What makes my work different?  Mostly the media Inktense is more intense than water color but can have the look of oil or acrylic and is easier to control.


Maddy Sherman Biography

Aside from high school art classes and a couple of classes at WCTC, I am a self-taught artist.  My mother was an artist who worked in oils and acrylics.  She exposed me to the art world early through her paintings, and the art shows in which she participated. I’ve always loved to draw but never really had time to paint.  Then, in 2010 I became very ill, suffering from a nervous breakdown and severe depression.  I started painting as therapy.  It made the thoughts in my brain stop going around in circles.  It gave me peace. I guess when God takes something away with one hand, he gives with another.  Ever since then, I have become an avid acrylic painter.  I thank God every day for the wonderful gift of art he has given me.  Acrylics offer an ease of clean up and portability, and maddy-sherman-1allow me to work in a variety of locations.  I have also dabbled in charcoal, pastels, oils and watercolors.    In 2014, I added mural work to my repertoire.

Maddy Sherman Artist Statement There is so much beauty in nature and the things all around us!  I enjoy painting the simple things that we don’t stop to appreciate as much as we should.  Art is therapeutic for me, and allows me to get lost in whatever wonderful world I am creating at that moment.


Chris Sommerfelt Biography Artist and graphic designer, Chris Sommerfelt discovered watercolor at an adult evening class in the early 1980s and has since been intrigued with what happens when you mix pigment and water. Chris has since studied with many fine artists who have influenced her in her art journey. Chris has work in private collections as well as twelve pieces in the corporate collection of Northwestern Mutual Life. Chris is a sought after watercolor instructor. Her teaching schedule can be found on her website. Chris has been asked to conduct critiques, demos, and to judge exhibits for local art groups. She is member of the League of Milwaukee Artists, exhibits chair for Wisconsin Watercolor Society, and mentor for the Wauwatosa Artist’s chris-sommerfelt-3Workshop. Chris has received awards at art group exhibits and statewide juried art exhibitions.

Chris Sommerfelt Artist Statement I am a watercolor artist. I believe no medium works better than watercolor for expressing the beauty of the natural world. It’s transparency and the way that pigment mixes and moves in the water gives the medium its own voice in addition to the intent of the artist. Nature is my primary subject matter, be it a landscape, wildflowers or an intimate close-up of the natural world. It is from nature that my creative energy flows. My hope is that viewers of my art feel my connection to nature when they see my art.


Christine Thomsen Biography

Christine Thomsen earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art from Cardinal Stritch University but considers herself largely self-taught. “Institutions taught me art had to be buyer-centered and grandiose. I was pressured to abandon my artistic identity to adopt the artiste persona. Essentially, I returned to my roots and to the moral imperatives I had taught myself. There is no definitive paradigm for judging art. Artists must create for themselves in a manner which copiously explores their spirit. They must paint what helps them breathe and makes their hearts swell.” For Christine, nature provided the great inspiration she needed.

Being a native Wisconsinite, her landscapes are mainly meditations on the beautiful, poetic imagery perceived in rural Wisconsin. “My body of work recalls a time of American values – a time when family and neighbors worked and prayed together. Barns are lasting testaments to the rewards of hard work and are not only striking, but are important symbols of our agrarian past. A constant forward motion in design and technology has resulted in the disappearance of barns and historic farmhouses from our landscape. My heart yearns for a simpler way of life, and a return to the values of the farming family.” For Christine, the quietude and peace of the land is a guide to faith contemplation and a door to spiritual repose; God continually reveals Himself to her through the environmental peace. Often pursuing traditional miniature dimensions for her works facilitates the simplification of her hopes. She is able to block out what she no longer wishes to see to instead focus in detail on a single, emotive instant of the American scene.

Christine has received several awards and honors for her work, most recently earning Grand Prize in the Waukesha County Courthouse Art Purchase Award Competition. She’s also received the Art in Action Dry Media Award through the Art Guild of Menomonee Falls, as well as Honorable Mentions, Peoples’ Choice and Artist Community awards through the Waukesha Creative Arts League, the Spring Creek Art at the Creek Exhibition, and Menomonee Falls Art in Action Exhibition. Now an artist in her thirties, she continues to enjoy rendering barns and landscapes, but finds the truest gratification in the simple, pure act of creating art.

christine-thomsen-3Christine Thomsen Artist Statement

My works are meditations on the truth and devotional beauty found in nature. When I look beyond the human detritus of electronics and greed-driven lifestyles, God continually reveals Himself to me through environmental peace. By portraying the beautiful imagery of rural Wisconsin I recall a time of American values; a time when family and neighbors worked and prayed together. Barns are lasting testaments to the rewards of hard work and are not only striking, but are important symbols of our agrarian past. I work primarily with acrylic paint because of its permanence and color fastness, qualities which marry greatly with the perpetuity of my subject matter.


Katherine Thomsen Biography

“When people first get to know you, they put you in a box. No matter how old you get, or how you change and mature as years pass, those same people put you into that same box whenever they’re with you. My job, as an artist, is to find a way out of that confining box.”

Exploring confinement – and pushing its boundaries – has become a mantra of Katherine’s current body of work. With a focus on the square form, and a critical eye on what’s happening around and within it, she develops a bold, colorful brand of self-expression via abstraction, all the while redefining her art’s essence and own artistic identity. Through a combination of evocative pigments and textural strokes, she illustrates the emotional, unrestricted side of painting. Such details provide movement and purpose in any emotional story. The interplay of formal visual elements – color and texture – inspire feelings relatable to everyone and, more importantly, the desire to break free from constrictions in order to redefine oneself.

A 2008 graduate from Cardinal Stritch University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art, Katherine is not only a proud recipient of the CSU Visual Arts Departmental Scholarship, but also a proud member of the Tau Nu Chi Young Christian Artists Society and Delta Epsilon Sigma National Honors Society for superior scholarship. Katherine’s unique work, impacted by these experiences, has received much recognition. Notable achievements include winning First Place in the annual “Art at the Creek” art exhibition, having her inspired design chosen for the Sussex Hamilton “Legacy Project,” and earning Honorable Mentions for work presented in the Waukesha County Courthouse Art Purchase Award contest and various shows featuring the artists of the Art Guild of Menomonee Falls, of which she is an active member.

Her work can currently be found pushing boundaries at Purloin Studio in Menomonee Falls, WI, and on the art website she shares with her twin sister: www.arttwins.webs.com.

katherine-thomsen-1Katherine Thomsen Artist Statement

I am deeply inspired by the relationships I witness around me, and by the way an expression or tone of voice can convey what is underneath. I view art and music as looking glasses into more complex perspectives, and I appreciate the symbiotic relationship between the two. As observers and partakers of the world, we are provoked and stimulated by what takes place in our daily environments.

Though the interplay of formal visual elements, and by adapting the square form, I strive to achieve an exploration of the internal and external. Furthermore, I work to illustrate the maturation of relationships as either inward or outward environments change, for whatever happens inside effects what is outside, and whatever happens outside effects what is inside.


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