When Velociraptors Attack!

VelociraptorThis morning, at the theatre, there was a tragic accident. We have been dealing with an infestation of velociraptors for a few months now. Usually the attacks occur early in the morning and are quite brief. The velociraptors are like tiny, sharp-toothed lunchroom bullies. They rush in, steal your lunch, leave you bruised and embarrassed, and rush out again. They can be fended off with a combination of inspiring courage and Nerf guns. However, the latest attack appeared to be very carefully planned. Instead of appearing as we are just settling in for the day, the velociraptors broke into the office before anyone arrived. Our Chief Office Ornithologist and Resident Pink Flamingo, Floyd, was in his perch above the desks.

Kelly Doherty, our office manager, came in at her usual time this morning. She quickly noticed that something was very wrong: the door was ajar and there were pink feathers all over the floor. Floyd was missing! It looked as though he put up quite a fight. We are all hopeful that he managed to escape the dinosaurs and will return to us soon.

Until Floyd returns to use, the “Meet the…” series he was writing will be put on hold. We appreciate any and all information you may have on the whereabouts and condition of our dear Pink Floyd.


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