Meet The…Education & Outreach Administrator!

Floyd, COO

Floyd the Flamingo, local celebrity and COO (Chief Office Ornithologist) of WCT recently sat down with WCT’s Education & Outreach Administrator, Doug Jarecki. 

Floyd: Hello everyone. I’m here with Doug Jarecki, the Education and Outreach Administrator at the Waukesha Civic Theatre. How are you today, Doug?

Doug: Are you kidding me?!? You’re a talking flamingo! This is amazing. I have so many questions for you.

Floyd: And I have questions for you, so let’s just alternate. First you ask a question, then I ask a question.

Doug: Can we do that?

Floyd: Yes, and since that was your first question, I guess it’s my turn. What is a typical day for the WCT Education and Outreach Administrator?

Doug: Well, the days really aren’t that typical, and I love that. My job covers a lot of different ground. One day I might be teaching an acting class with the ACAP PlayMakers, then conducting a meeting with the Civic Senior Players, then teaching some afterschool classes for our Academy at Civic Theatre. The next day I might be speaking to students at a local school’s fine arts day, writing scripts for a class, then driving up to Hartford to conduct one of our outreach programs. Every day is full of new challenges.

Floyd: In other words, you find everything challenging.

Doug: Yes….wait, what do you mean by that?

Floyd: Nothing. But since you just asked another question, I guess it’s my turn again.

Doug: Oh come on, that’s totally unfair! I deserve another chance.

Floyd: Alright, I’ll give you another chance.

Doug: Really?

Floyd: And you just wasted your question again.

Doug: Ugghhh, come on! One more chance!

Floyd: Ok Doug, one more chance. But make it a good question.

Doug: Oh it is. It’s a great question. I’ve waited my whole life to ask it. Are you ready? Oops….wait, I didn’t mean to….NOOOOOOO!!!!!

Floyd: Thank you, Doug, that really was a great question. My turn: What do you do when you’re not at WCT?

Doug: Just recently I wrote a children’s show that’s running at a local theatre. And I still do a lot of acting around Milwaukee, both on stage and in commercials. In fact, I am currently in a series of Fleet Farm commercials. Maybe you’ve seen them.

Floyd: You play the dumb guy in those commercials, right?

Doug: Yes, I do. So you’ve seen them?

Floyd: No, you just give off a vibe. To wrap things up, I would like you to tell us one last thing about yourself in ten words or less.

Doug: Ten words?!?! Seriously? That is going to be really, really…

Floyd: And that will do it for us here. I want to thank all of you for taking the time to learn more about Doug Jarecki, WCT’s Education and Outreach Administrator. See you at the theatre!


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