You Can’t Take It With You Continues its WCT Run ~by Meghan Hopper

Paul, Mr. Kolenkov, and Penny Fireworks going off in the basement, candy cooling in the kitchen, xylophones playing in the living room, and snakes carousing by the front door? Welcome to the Sycamore household. Enjoy the ballet lessons!
The Waukesha Civic Theatre is proud to present You Can’t Take It with You, the beloved comedy from George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart. First produced in 1938, You Can’t Take It with You has become the most successfully produced American comedy of the 20th century. Its classic, timeless story has appealed to generations, and WCT is proud to bring it to life once more.
At first glance, the Sycamore family may seem like a strange one. Everyone in the household, from playwright Penny to firework fanatic and occasional painting model De Pinna to printing press and xylophone enthusiast Ed, does exactly what makes him or her happy–with no regard for the expectations outsiders may place on them. When the youngest Sycamore daughter, Alice, falls in love and becomes engaged to Tony, son of a proper and very straight-laced family, their two worlds collide as families meet and wackiness ensues.
The Waukesha Civic Theatre’s production offers a modernized take that still stays true to the spirit of the original story. Still set in 1938, WCT offers a twist in a different way: the role of Grandpa Vanderhof, Penny Sycamore’s father and the heart of the show, is now Nana Vanderhof. Nana, played by Antoinette Stikl, offers a down-to-earth balance to the goofiness of the next few generations, while staying true to herself and the spirit of her family. The play sees another change as boarder Mr. De Pinna, firework maker becomes Ms. De Pinna, firework maker.
You Can’t Take It With You “speaks to universal themes such as individualism, happiness, and being true to yourself,” says director John Kibler. It’s what makes the story such a timeless piece. It’s easy to feel trapped by societal expectations and to lose sight of what makes you happiest, but in the Sycamore household, everyone is accepted for just who they are and where they are.
During the run of the show, the Waukesha State Bank Art Gallery will feature art by Anne Wall. Anne’s artistic style is a blend of representational and impressionist techniques, a synthesis of analytical thought and creativity in studies of light, movement and color. Each piece captures a memory of what touched her heart and stimulated her senses.
The Waukesha Civic Theatre’s production of You Can’t Take It With You opened its run Friday, October 18th, 2013 and continues through Sunday, November 3rd.
Tickets are available through the box office, Tuesday through Friday from noon to 5:00 p.m. and by phone at (262) 547-0708. You can also purchase tickets at the WCT website:
Tickets are $23 for adults, $20 for students and seniors. Subscribers and groups of 10 or more can purchase tickets for $17 each. See the website for more information, and be sure to get your tickets in advance!


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